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     Crylic acid series
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Crylic acid series---RANGE OF APPLICATION
Product items 
1、High gloss
2、Flat lighting
3、Low gloss
5、Color mixing result
6、Metallic powder paint
Product features
1、Bright and smooth coat
2、Strong weatherproof performance
3、Strong anti-pollution
4、Suitable for coating
Coating features
Testing material  (70mm×150mm×0.8mm) Cold rolled armor plate
Pretreatment    Zinc phosphate
Testing items    Testing method    Testing result
Appearance      visual test       smooth
Coating thickness   um thickness tester  60-80
Solidifying condition  warm box  180℃×20min
Luster       60 degrees mirror    ≥95
Impact intension    50kg.cm heavy hammer ≥20
Tensile test    180 degrees bending 2mm
Adhesive force 1mm×1mm×100      100%
Surface rigidity    Pencil hardness (Zhonghua)   ≥2H
Salt fog test      1000 hours    Corrosion is ≤ grade I
Cup flow   7mm no less than 7mm
Acid resistance      3%HCL, 240 hours   no change
Alkali resistance    5%NaOH, 168 hours   no change
1、Automobile surface
2、Outdoor ornaments
3、Metallic surface of house decoration
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