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Two days tour in Suichang
Time:2011/6/3 10:56:35 Read 1379

May 23th. and 24th. 2011, our company organized all the staff to go to Lishui City Suichang tourism. We started at 7 am, at noon we reached Suichang City, after lunch we went to the tour of photographic bases in the United Nations - -South Sharp Rock Area, its main attractions are: The Altar Peak, Tianzhu Peak, Writing Peak Three Peak Inserted Cloud, God Sea Turtles, Mountain Terraces, Thin Strip of Sky, Sky-Gap, T. Grandis Group, The Peony Pavilion, Nine Waterfalls, etc. Thats amazing to all of us. On the 24th., after breakfast, we visited the Suichang National Mine Park, we by train into a time tunnel to explore the ancient Mines, and panned gold in the gold pool, we really enjoied ourselves. We also visited the Gold Museum, holded a gold brick ... After lunch, we finished our pleasant journey of gold! Despite the bad weather, light rain, each of us still interested in this journey. The two days not only let us have a relaxation in our spare time after work, but also cultivate our sentiments. Let us love much of the nature, love our great rivers and mountains of our motherland.



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