Epoxy-polyester series
     Pure polyester series
     Crylic acid series
     Color card
Product items 
1、Flat lighting
2、Low gloss
4、Color mixing result
5、Metallic powder paint
Product features
1、Excellent chemical resistance
2、Excellent electric insulation
3、Strong corrosion-resistance
4、High rigidity
5、Excellent mechanical performance
Coating features
Testing material (70mm×150mm×0.8mm) Cold rolled armor plate
Pretreatment    Zinc phosphate
Testing items    Testing method   Testing result
Appearance     visual test      smooth
Coating thickness thickness tester   60-80
Solidifying condition warm box   190℃×20min
Luster       60 degrees mirror   ≤15
Impact intension   heavy hammer    ≥50
Tensile test     180 degrees bending  2mm
Adhesive force    1mm×1mm×100   100%
Surface rigidity    Pencil hardness (Zhonghua)  ≥2H
Salt fog test     400 hours      ≤2mm
Humid endurance   400 hours    good
Acid resistance    5%HCL, 240 hours  good
Salt resistance    5%NaOH, 240 hours  good
1、Indoor metallic furniture
2、Display rack
3、Automobile parts
4、Metallic toy
5、Watercourse valve
6、Insulated electronic part
7、Shell of electrical appliance
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