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Addr:Lishe Village, Shiqi Street, Yinzhou Section, Ningbo City, Zhejiange Province, China
Ningbo Lanhaichao Powder Coating Co.,Ltd., founded in 1985, is an enterprise researching, developing, producing and selling high standard powder coating.
The factory is close to Ningbo-Linhai Highway. Ningbo Lishe Airport and Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway are respectively 5 km away in east.Ningbo Railway Stationand South Bus Station are only 15 km away.The westside is XikouTourist Siteand Former ResidenceofJiang Jieshi.....
    Two days tour in Suichang
- 2011/6/3
    Ningbo Lanhaichao Powder Coating Co.,Ltd,. founded in 19...
- 2010/3/3
    The factory is close to Ningbo-Linhai Highway
- 2010/3/3
    We will offer customers the high quality products, reaso...
- 2010/3/3
    The factory always maintains its product and technique a...
- 2010/3/3
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